How To Start A Horse Rescue with Only $300, No Land, and No Business Experience!

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Where do they begin? How feasible is it to try to take on such an enormous task? You ask yourself, what if I've never even owned a horse? Can somebody like me take care of a 1000 lb. animal? How about two or three? Where does one even begin?

You must be thinking even if it's doable; these rescue people must be coughing up thousands on feeding the horses, their boarding fees, and even rescuing them, right? The list goes on and on, and the fears get bigger and bigger!

Well, what if that wasn't the case? What if I told you it is indeed possible and extremely satisfying? Starting a rescue is a wonderful, rewarding project to undertake, and you don't even have to live out in the country!

Hi, my name is Lynn! I have been rescuing horses and running my non-profit horse rescue for fifteen years, and the #1 thing I get asked by my friends is, "How the heck did you start??"

If you're like 99% of horse lovers out there, you probably understand all too well the cost of feeding horses and the labor and space involved in caring for them. You're also probably thinking I can barely afford my horse; I can't help anybody else!

You might even have resigned yourself to just visiting barns and never even owning your own horse at all. The equine love affair remains just a dream.

Well, I'm here to change all that! I want you to know that I had never even owned a horse. I also want to share that I was also already fifty, that's right, fifty years old!

You don't need to be a professional horse person because I've boiled down the very best of my 14+ years of horse rescue expertise into a simple, step by step training.

I call it, Grow-As-U-Go!

Inside "How to Start a Horse Rescue...", I am going to teach you how to put together your thoughts, make some informed choices, note all the pitfalls, and create your horse rescue! You will learn and develop at your own pace; you will Grow-As-U-Go!

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How To Start A Horse Rescue with $300!

The step-by-step training for planning, creating, living, and loving horse rescue!

Here's What You'll Discover...

The kind of horse rescue best suited for you...

The breed and type of horses you'd like to be around...

The 3 critical choices to keep you successful...

Whether or not becoming a Non-Profit Public Charity is right for you....

And a whole ton more!

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Below, The BEFORE ; An Oregon mare pulled from the slaughter pipeline, newly arrived to quarantine in the pasture.

Below, The AFTER; Same Mare after a few months of TLC.

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Here's Everything You Get...

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Instant Access to Download the EBook

Take a Full 3 days ~ 72 hours to access and download the file. It's then yours to keep forever.

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My "How To Start..." Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely fall in love with this new adventure! In fact, you will be feeling "professional and informed" in 30 days, or I'll send back every penny you paid.

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